nesting in the chicken coop

Building a chicken coop?
3 things you need to know
before you start

There are many advantages to building your own chicken coop but there are
3 things you should know before you begin. Knowing these three
 important issues
 below will help ensure your success.

Protection from predators

fox at the henhouse

Is your coop designed to protect your chickens
from predators? Coyotes and foxes come to
mind right away, but what about neighborhood dogs, cats and hawks?

Your coop needs to be specifically designed to
protect your flock from predators. What could
be worse than going out one morning to
collect your eggs - only to find that "something"
has raided the chicken coop and made off with
your chickens or eggs. Make sure your chicken's home is safe!

No such thing as "One Best Chicken Coop Plan"

Is the chicken coop well suited to your (and your chickens) needs? There is no "one best plan" for a chicken coop. You need to consider whether a particular plan is right for your climate, the breed and number of chickens you intend to house.

A chicken coop that works well for 4 chickens in Florida won't be appropriate for 12 chickens in Michigan! Many people start out on a small scale and as they become more comfortable decide to increase the size of their flock. Do you have a source for plans and related information to meet these needs?

Do your Chicken House plans match
your skills and budget?

Do you have a set of well designed plans that match up with your DIY skills, tools and budget? There are many kits and plans available for a backyard chicken coop, but not all of them are logically laid out and complete.

It can be very frustrating (and expensive!) to start a project like this and find out part way through that you don't have a clear picture of each step in the process, or that you don't have the skills or tools to complete the job.

Really fresh eggs are hard to beat (no pun intended!). Raising your own chickens is a truly satisfying experience, it's a great project for teaching kids and not that difficult - if you pay attention to a few important details.

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